Make getting out of your car
easier than ever!

The Up & Out allows you to safely and easily exit your car
by providing you with an extra support opposite to the door.

Up & Go

Introducing the Up & Out

Do you find getting out of your car more difficult every day? Are you concerned about slipping or hurting yourself? That’s why we designed the Up & Out!

The Up & Out provides you a handle outside of the vehicle to pull yourself up, unlike the competitors’ products. By utilizing hardware already built into your vehicle frame, the Up & Out provides a solid support opposite the door. This sturdy, unique, patented design allows your Up & Out to safely support individuals up to 300 lbs. The hand grip outside your vehicle, rather than directly below your shoulder, offers maximum leverage with minimum pressure and stress on stiff, sore joints while allowing you stand without over-balancing.

Easily exit your car!

The Up & Out is easy to install and fits most car models.

Don’t worry about slipping or joint pain when you are getting out of your car as the Up & Go adds the support you need!

Stay Safe

Because of their low build, getting in and out of cars often leads to sore joints or injury. The Up & Out provides you with an additional support to for a safer, easier exit.

Fits most cars

The Up & Out’s patented design allows it to easily and safely latch onto your car’s frame without any additional hardware.

Great for winter

Lower the risk of accidentally slipping on wet or icy surfaces by using your Up & Out to brace yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase an Up & Go?

The Up & Out is now available on eBay. Follow this link to buy yours today!

How do I know if the Up & Out will fit on my car?

The best way to know if the Up & Out will fit on your car is to check your door striker (on the frame of the car). The unit will only fit on doors with the striker shown in the picture.

Acceptable door striker

Where can find the instructions for my Up & Go?

If you have lost your instruction pamphlet, you can simply print a copy or view them by following this link.

Does the Up & Go include a warranty?

Dimco Tool is proud to manufacture high quality products. We offer a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the Up & Out. If ever you have any difficulties with our product, simply give us a call at (514) 335-6298