Our mission is simple: To be the best at what we do.

Dimco exists to serve its customers in the plastics industry worldwide with leading edge technology, old world craftsmanship and service that will help our customers not just meet their needs but to exceed them. We are able to offer both our existing and new customers full service answers to their ever changing tooling needs.

Many companies talk about leading edge technology and customer service. We live customer service and believe that to deliver on this philosophy we must constantly improve and train to use the technology that we have. That is why we employ our VBR part checking system, constantly challenge the techniques used in the past and by our competitors and are open minded to new ideas, from customers, employees,  management and our carefully selected vendors.

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“It’s really quite simple. We know the industry and we know how we want to be treated. If we treat our customers the same way, we will be successful.”